Stream of Vision :: 002

We wear glasses to better focus on what we’re looking at, and we wear sunglasses to filter out harmful rays, reduce glare, and see better. Why do we allow raw sound into our ears without any filtering or focus at all? Wouldn’t it be amazing to fine tune everything we hear and how we hear it, regardless of it’s source? Fortunately, now we can. Continue reading “Stream of Vision :: 002”

Stream of Vision :: 001

The universe of sound requires a universal audio interface.

All space is virtually compressed audibly into your awareness. Thus you audibly interact with all of it naturally with your voice as if everything were within earshot. AI assistants,  applications, podcasts, text to speech and vice versa, voice chat (asynchronous), phone (synchronous), music, books, documents, other languages, ambient sounds around you. Everything. Everything is audible.

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Rotoscoped ‘Bion’ advertisement idea / script

* Audio first, then slow fade in from black while some unintelligible squawking of voices over a radio is happening (krtzzch – 16baker277 you’re clear on 22 – krtzzch – Ah, Roger that base – krtzzch). Radar-like beeps, and the continuous hiss-whine of jet noise are heard in background.

* Aerial view fades in, from 5000ft looking down at a 30 degree angle. moving toward horizon and sunset. robotic feel to  movement. Hazy aerial perspective. Air feels thick, heavy. The style is neither true animation nor film here, but a rotoscoped-like combination of the two, giving it a game feel, but also reminiscent of Sin City, and A Scanner Darkly. Overall vibe is semi post-apocalyptic, alien-esque, futuristic with a dash of Mad Max thrown in for good measure…

* Horizon across top of frame, mountains in background, evening sun is setting, casting long shadows, and causing severe view distortion from glare on lens. Earth below in twilight.

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The Symbiaudix Story

My name is Christopher Barry, I’m the founder of Symbiaudix, and the creator of a new kind of human/machine audio interface called Bion.
his is my story.

It all begins in 1983 when, at the ripe old age of 22, I failed my annual hearing exam. I was an F-16 Crew Chief in the US Air Force at the time, and was stationed at Kunsan Air Base, South Korea.

I was pulled off the flightline because USAF thought jet noise had damaged my hearing. Admittedly, I didn’t always wear my hearing protection. They were hot and uncomfortable, and for me at least, jet noise never seemed all that loud.

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First Post

Today, with this new WordPress installation,  I am letting the world know about my company Symbiaudix, and the new kind of wearable audio device I’ve designed and am creating.

My first device, called Bion, is a new kind of interface between man and machine. A Hands-and-Eyes-free, total audio experience. Bion will usher in a new paradigm of comfort and control, and a new way of listening, hearing and communicating.


Let our journey begin…