Rotoscoped ‘Bion’ advertisement idea / script

* Audio first, then slow fade in from black while some unintelligible squawking of voices over a radio is happening (krtzzch – 16baker277 you’re clear on 22 – krtzzch – Ah, Roger that base – krtzzch). Radar-like beeps, and the continuous hiss-whine of jet noise are heard in background.

* Aerial view fades in, from 5000ft looking down at a 30 degree angle. moving toward horizon and sunset. robotic feel to  movement. Hazy aerial perspective. Air feels thick, heavy. The style is neither true animation nor film here, but a rotoscoped-like combination of the two, giving it a game feel, but also reminiscent of Sin City, and A Scanner Darkly. Overall vibe is semi post-apocalyptic, alien-esque, futuristic with a dash of Mad Max thrown in for good measure…

* Horizon across top of frame, mountains in background, evening sun is setting, casting long shadows, and causing severe view distortion from glare on lens. Earth below in twilight.

* Camera slowly pans down to 45 degrees.

* As lens flare subsides off top of frame, it becomes obvious that the
camera doing the observing is military-ish and drone-like, futuristic, autonomous, with textual data scrolling, possibly a targeting reticle viewfinder with distance, attitude and artificial horizon-like overlays. These gauges have a kind of alien-esque, just out of current technological reach kind of flavor. They’re cold, hard, and impersonal, like they were designed by other machines.

* Coming into center of frame, a dirt road intersection, reminiscent of Hitchcock’s NxNW, a few kilometers away. roads run straight off in four directions and out of frame or off to a vanishing point toward horizon. View travel is parallel to the road to the vanishing point, but South a couple hundred meters.

* Scrubby high-desert-like fields all around the intersection. No buildings anywhere.

* There’s a human figure standing in the intersection, barely observable in the fading light, but this is a slightly thermally enhanced view. Cooling and fading footprints trace back East, to where a disabled skycycle is hidden just off the road, barely camouflaged with scrub oak branches.

* Camera alerts on the figure, a graph appears on the side showing encrypted voice communication emanating from the figure, we hear the garbled sound that matches the graph waves, which are pulsating, the reticle locks on and highlights, the craft and camera begin a fly-in zoom toward figure’s left side, descending quickly in altitude and accelerating, which is viewable as changing HUD data as well as the changing visual frame.

* Camera is trying to identify subject as it races toward it, text is scrolling, some kind of facial/body recognition thing is happening in a zoomed section of it’s screen. The voice print is being dissected in another as rectangles try to isolate sections of speech. More radio squawking. Thumping music starts getting louder.

* As figure comes closer into view, female, long black hair, futuristic looking warrior-esque armor-like clothing. She is wearing the devices.

* She snaps her head left looking directly, defiantly, and unflinchingly into the oncoming camera, just as the camera, at full tilt, appears to fly directly into her left eye.

* Just before it enters, time almost stands still, her head fades into a CAD-like and very translucent wireframe, but the devices stay at full resolution and solid, hyper-real, like they are floating in position in her ears. The background is there, but it’s desaturated and out of focus.

* Camera travels from left eye entry point diagonally through her head toward a spot behind her right ear, while rotating left to keep her right device, as seen from inside her head, exactly in center of frame.

* Camera is barely moving forward and slowly rotating left in uber-slo-mo, as some labels are displayed pointing at the device and details scroll by, HUD like, yet this data display is still in realtime. Parts fade out to show other parts within, their labels fading in, etc., breaking it down all the way to the midplane. As if the artificial intelligence of the drone camera was analyzing and categorizing it at a blistering rate relative to normal time, and this blistering rate was slowed way down to what appears as realtime as we observe it scanning the device.

* Camera trajectory still moving forward, but the view is now rotated 120 degrees to be facing almost the opposite direction of travel (still with right ear and device seen from inside her head in center of frame), camera begins to what appears to be making an exit out of the back of her head.

* She quickly begins to fade back into reality view from wireframe, suddenly she’s at full resolution, and the camera snaps back to the speed it was going upon entry. Time goes back to realtime.

* Camera decelerates rapidly, getting maybe 20 feet away from her head, curving left, like a car sliding on ice, then quickly flies back around toward the outside of her right ear to see a similar fade-out, slo-mo breakdown with labels of the outside of the device down to the midplane again. The camera seems fascinated with the device. The HUD is compiling a BOM of sorts, identifying the parts inside it can understand.

* Her head goes back to translucent wireframe again as the camera comes around close to the front right side of her face. Again, time slows way down. Zooming in so the device, partially translucent now, and her translucent ear fills the screen. Music is loud and pounding. We see the device perfectly molded to her ear cavity, and can see the speaker cone excursion to the beat in slo-mo, into the balanced armature producing the highs.

* Camera is analyzing this, and it acts surprised at what it’s seeing.

* Camera zooms away and up a few feet above her in realtime, as if startled, stopping, staring frozen. She snaps back to full resolution, suddenly aware of the intruders’ position, unholsters a mean looking
blaster-like weapon with her right hand, snaps it up into aimed position, holding it with both hands, breasts pressed together by her  outstretched arms, fires directly at and destroys the camera. Basically shooting the observer (e.g. us) right in the face.

* Flash!, video static, then black…

* Then, only the audio of the thumping beat as the device logo in white on black background fades into center frame, pulsating and distorting to the beat. Audio and video both fade off slowly together.

* Black screen and quiet for a second, then…

* Audio-only, crystal clear, like you’re in her head now, you hear the sound of her blowing the smoke off across the barrel, the latch-click sound of her re-holstering her weapon, of spinning on her heels, and of boots starting to walk down the gravel road, saying “Oh nothing, just a nosey sector bot. Anyway, hurry. I’m sure it alerted. And bring a full capcell with you, okay? Mine’s toast. I’ll be at the bike. Coords are in the Sat loop on t-freq 4.” Then the music cranks back up again and the sound of boots and talking and laughter and music fade off into the distance.

What would be cool is all through this animation, there’s a slight pulsating vibrational distortion to the camera view, like how a movie would look if the camera were mounted to a Marshall stack while it was cranked to a pulsating beat. This beat would slow down accordingly when in slo-mo inside her head, and it’s intensity would be a function of proximity of camera to devices (e.g. the devices are causing the vibrational distortion of the drone’s view).

Other thoughts are with the screen intentionally black, the ‘video’ flows into a voice over describing the product and the story behind it. After some time of voice only, images of the device at various stages in it’s development, old sketches and drawings, CAD drawings, animations, molds and tools built for prototyping it, fade in and out in a kind of ‘Ken Burns-ish’ format.



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